Azure AD Connect 1.1 Filtering – Part 1

As DirSync evolved to AAD Sync, and AAD Sync evolved to AAD Connect, there have been significant changes to the way we accomplish tasks with these tools.

With the recent release of Azure Active Directory Connect v 1.1, Microsoft has made several updates to how various aspects of the process of syncing your on-premises Active Directory accounts into Azure Active Directory. There have been some pretty significant changes in a couple of areas, with one of those being sync filtering. In this series of blogs posts, I’m going to walk you through the options and processes for filtering your sync jobs.

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Import-Module DirSync

With the latest version of DirSync, Microsoft has created a full PowerShell module for DirSync instead of that semi-module we used to have to run to get the Start-OnlineCoexistanceSync command. Since we figured out that we can run Import-Module DirSync now to get the Start-OnlineCoexistanceSync cmdlet, I figured there must be other commands in this module. So I did some poking around to see if I could find out what they might be.

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Preventing accidentally deleted accounts from syncing via DirSync

Believe it or not, I’ve done some pretty dumb things. I’ve deleted all kinds of things that I should not have, and I’m fairly confident that I’ll do more dumb things in the future. The best I can do is know that I am going to screw things up and try to figure out ways to make sure I can recover from screw ups when they happen. It that vein, I was pretty happy to discover a new DirSync setting that helps prevent the accidental deletion of large numbers of AD accounts from Azure AD and/or Office 365.

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