Exchange 2013 CU5

Earlier this week Microsoft released CU5 for Exchange 2013. Overall CU5 is mostly bug fixes and clean-up items left after SP1. There is not a whole lot of new functionality in this release.  That being said, there are a few new things worth noting.

The biggest new feature is the ability to create multiple OAB generating mailboxes. This is not going to be a widely implemented features, but I’m sure it will come in handy for large organizations. More information can be found on the ehlo blog.

MCSM/MVP Michael VanHornbeek pointed out that there have been some nifty updates to the Hybrid Configuration Wizard. The summary of his post is that the HCW now configures MRS for you, and it also sets up OAuth between your on-premises organization and Exchange Online. You can read more in his blog post.

Most of CU5 is minor bug fixes, and that is not a bad thing. An easy and safe CU is very welcome at this time. One thing I noticed is that CU5 now cleans up the \ExchangeSetupLogs folder. There were a bunch of scripts that were being left in the folder previously, and there was no reason to keep them there. It’s great to see Microsoft focusing on fixing the little things.

The Modern Public Folder limitations that were revealed earlier this year are not addressed in this CU. I guess it is taking the Exchange team a while to sort that one out.

Once I have a bit more of a chance to dive into the HCW changes, I’ll post more on that.