Coming Soon: MCSMLab training videos

Some of the more observant of you may have noticed the new link to a “Store” section of my site, where there is currently a single txt file available for an insane price. Obviously my plan is not to trick people into spending $99 for that, then parlay all that cash into a huge txt file empire. Today seems like as good a time as any to share my plans, so here we go.

I’m thinking about producing a series of training videos and putting them up for sale on this site. I’m going to attempt to produce fairly high quality training videos about an hour in length each. I expect they will include a mixture of slides and live demos walking you though how things work, and showing you how you can implement them yourself. They’ll start with Exchange Online/Office 365 type topics, and maybe I’ll branch out from there. If I get decent interest, I may try to recruit some other smart guys to produce similar videos I can add to the collection. I plan to list them for fairly little money, though I have not really made a final decision on what the final price will be.

I’m not going into this expecting it to be a huge money making venture. Honestly I expect I will make less money doing this than I am currently getting for the sponsored webcasts you see linked in the webcast section. If I can sell enough of these to break even within a few months then I’ll be perfectly happy.

What I would like from you is your suggestions for topics, and a gauge of your interest in such a thing.

Is there a topic you would like to see an hour long video explaining? I’m fairly set on the first couple of videos I plan to produce, but if someone suggest something awesome I’m happy to change course.

What would make a series of training videos super-great? Is an hour the right length, should they be shorter or longer than that? Any input is certainly welcome. You can leave comments below, or send your comments to

I expect to have the first video up within a couple of weeks. I do have four other jobs that take a decent bit of my time already, so I’m not going to be cranking this out at an insane pace. If this turns out to be something people are interested in, I can focus more time in this direction.