Activating Privileged Identity Management Roles within PowerShell

As more and more organizations move to Office 365 the challenge shifts from “How do we get into Office 365?” to “How do we manage our data within Office 365?” Keeping your organization’s data secure inside the service is a major concern for many organizations, as well as for Microsoft itself.

To that end, Microsoft has put a lot of work into new features in both Office 365 and Azure that can help organizations better secure their data.  One of those features is Privileged Identity Management (PIM). PIM is a feature that allows Just in Time administrative rights to be assigned to Office 365 accounts. This means that it is no longer necessary to maintain accounts with administrator privileges always assigned. With PIM your organization can setup accounts for your Office 365 administrators that do not have administrative rights until they are needed. When an administrator in your organization needs to make changes within the service, they can request elevation of their account though an automated process.