Assigning Office 365 Licenses by AD Group Membership

Since the dawn of time (if the dawn of time was in 2011), assigning licenses in Office 365 has been a pain. It has never been complicated, but it has also never been a pleasant experience.

You've always had two options to either manually assign licenses to users from the Office 365 Admin portal or use PowerShell to bulk assign the license to large numbers of users. In the first couple of years of Office 365 when most of the customers were small, I primarily just manually assigned licenses in the portal. As larger customers started moving into Office 365, I relied more heavily on PowerShell scripts to assign licenses to Office 365 users en masse.

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Security Features Guide for Office 365 Administrators

Office 365 is Microsoft's premier cloud service, and the clear leader in the "back office" server cloud offering market. If your organization has not moved to Office 365 yet, it's a safe bet that someone within your organization will be making a strong push to get you there soon.

One of the main concerns that I hear from a customer who is hesitant to move to Office 365 is security. How do you know if Office 365 is secure? What are best practices configurations for Office 365 security? Is "the cloud" safe?

In this blog post, I'm going to give you a quick rundown of the top security features of Office 365 and some pointers on how your organization can use these features to ensure that your data is safe.

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Security Auditing & Real Time Alerting

In today’s corporate environment, security and compliance always need to be top of mind for IT leadership. There are many pitfalls that can occur from a security breach or a compliance violation that can end up costing organization millions of dollars, and CIOs their jobs. That is why most IT organizations are looking for automated tools to help them keep one step ahead of any security compliance issue. 4ward365 is a solution that has those security watchdog capabilities built-in for Office 365 and Azure AD.

In some ways moving to Office 365 can help alleviate the worries of security compliance. Microsoft has world class security and compliance configurations that have been proven in some of the largest organizations on the planet. They have the best engineers in the world constantly working to protect the data in Office 365.

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The New Microsoft 365

Microsoft introduced a new product, or at least a new SKU, at Inspire (the new name for the Microsoft partner conference) called Microsoft 365. This new product is a combination of two existing products, and the first "cloud" version of Windows 10. In this blog post, I'm going to look at Microsoft 365. What it is, what it costs, how you'll use it, and if you want it at all.

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Building Simple Azure Resource Manager Templates – Part 1

In my last blog post here, I wrote an introduction to Azure Resource Manager (ARM). ARM is the toolset Microsoft has added to Azure for provisioning and controlling resources in Azure.

ARM has the tools to help you develop scriptable virtual machines deployments within your own tenant, but the process is not necessarily as simple as you might think. In this blog post, I’m going to walk through my process of learning to create a simple machine template, and deploying it to my own Azure tenant. Hopefully over time, I will grow this process into a larger project that works for more complex deployments.

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