Peer Advice: Active Directory Migrations

Date: Wednesday, March 21, 2018 at 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

Active Directory is the heart and the brain of your organization’s IT infrastructure. When it becomes necessary to undertake an Active Directory migration project, experience is always going to be your best ally. In this webcast Microsoft MVP Nathan O’Bryan and Ron Robbins of Quest Software will cover some of the important lessons learned from your peers and share their experience successfully performing this type of migration.

Drawing on vast experience in successfully performing Active Directory migrations in environments of all shapes and sizes, these experts will dive into lessons learned from AD migration customers like:

  • Know your data prior to starting the migration
  • Legacy applications take extra time and care
  • Always think security

Join us for this informative webcast.


Date: 03/21/2018

Time: 11:00am PT

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Secure Access for Distributed Employees, Partners and Customers

How 100% cloud and mobile meets all your users’ needs

Date: Tuesday, February 27th at 10am PT / 1pm ET

One of IT’s biggest challenges today is providing secure access to distributed employees, partner and customers, regardless of location and devices. Enter stage right… 100% cloud and mobile IT.

A 100% cloud- and mobile-first organization breaks down traditional office walls. Companies can give employees the freedom to securely work anywhere, anytime; make partner collaboration faster and easier through digitization; and better serve customers with a great digital experience while safeguarding their data.

Forward-thinking IT leaders know this. That’s why cloud is becoming so popular. But what does 100% cloud and mobile really mean? What does it really look like?

Cloud-first is a philosophy and shift in how IT thinks about openness, security, and user trust with specific components that embody a cloud-first strategy. This webinar defines those components and the many benefits.

Learn how 100% cloud and mobile IT meets all your users’ needs.

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Planning Your Migration to the Microsoft Cloud

Date: December 13th at 11am PT / 2pm ET

Moving an organization’s IT resources to “the cloud” can be a big change. What is “the cloud,” how does it work, and is it reliable? Having a plan in place for your migration is absolutely essential before starting that transition.

In this Redmond Magazine Fireside Chat webcast, Microsoft Cloud expert Nathan O’Bryan (MCSM/MVP) will discuss the planning process for you move to Office 365 with Datto Vice President of Product Marketing Matt Richards. They will spend an hour discussing the information you need to start planning your migration, as well as what you need to know to successfully manage your Office 365 tenant now and in the future.

Attend and learn:

  • How to decide your identity management strategy for Office 365
  • If you need to backup Office 365
  • How to sort through the sales pitch and understand how things really work in the cloud
  • And much more!
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Getting the Math Right: Is Your Enterprise Mobility ‘Minus’ Security?

Date: November 7, 2017 at 11am PT / 2pm ET

Nathan O’Bryan - Microsoft MVP
Stafin Jacob – Technology Solutions Professional, Microsoft
Rajkumar Thakur – Practice Lead, Digital Workplace Services, Microland

In a recent survey of 100+ CIOs/IT leaders, security was ranked as the most significant challenge in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)*. As CIOs embrace digital workplace strategies, beyond enabling access to email or corporate resources anywhere and on any device, the focus is on transforming into a digital business, implementing digital enablers of which enterprise mobility is a key element. While enterprise mobility enables productivity and agility, it also increases the chances of data leakage and the threat surface, given the ever-changing threat landscape.

Cutting through the clutter of enterprise mobility publications available on the Internet, this webinar presents real life use cases CIOs should consider in any mobility solution to manage information security.

Listen to industry experts’ views on securing information in enterprise mobility and learn about:

  • Must-haves in an enterprise mobility strategy to manage all BYOD / COPE devices
  • Securing information everywhere through controls in mobility solutions
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Simplify Office 365 Migrations and Management

Date: November 1, 2017 at 8:00am PT / 11:00am ET
Moderator: Nathan O’Bryan, Microsoft MVP

Many organizations are considering migrating to Office 365 to take advantage of its functionality and convenience. But, this move can be difficult. And managing Office 365 presents its own challenges.
So, join our discussion featuring Quest On Demand experts. They’ll share some key problems our customers faced during their transition so you can learn from their experiences. Plus, they’ll also cover other important topics, such as:

  • How modifying your business continuity plans to accommodate your Azure Active Directory (AD) could impact your organization
  • How implementing security policies upfront can prevent potential security breaches
  • Why developing a sound backup and recovery plan is so essential

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